Unleashing Hull’s Potential: A Peek Into Successful Cobol Modernisations

Unleashing Hull’s Potential: A Peek Into Successful Cobol Modernisations Imagine the city of Hull, not as it stands today, but transformed into a technological powerhouse. Driving this transformation is COBOL – an old-school programing language that’s making a surprising comeback in modern business environments. While you might be tempted to dismiss COBOL as obsolete, businesses…

Welcome to the dynamic realm of Business Technology Transformation – a journey setting us on a trajectory of ever-evolving potentials, optimising business operations, and continually transforming our professional and personal lives. Governed by principles of innovation and adaptation, Business Technology Transformation infuses new digital capabilities into the heart of businesses, enabling them to stay competitive in the relentless march towards the future.

Essentially, Business Technology Transformation entails the integration of digital technologies into all business areas, changing how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers. This digital revolution, inspired by social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies, affects not only business models and strategy, but also the very culture and fabric of an organisation. Arguably, TT also breathes a different spirit into a company’s DNA, reshaping relationships with customers and stakeholders, reimagining processes, and redrafting the blueprint for success.

In recent years, the bespoke software, app and web development industry has boomed, offering customised solutions that cater to the unique needs of each business. These personalised capabilities are becoming increasingly essential, fostering efficiency and effectiveness in an intensely competitive marketplace where off-the-shelf approaches can no longer suffice. This trend is reflected in growing statistics, with the bespoke software market expected to reach US$ 807.85 billion by 2027, demonstrating a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

But why is bespoke the road more travelled? Simply put, it provides a better fit. Tailor-made solutions from the bespoke market are inherently adaptable and evolve with your business. Unlike off-the-shelf products, they are uncontrolled by external forces, instead, designed to accommodate growth, unexpected changes, and industry swings.

Nonetheless, successful Business Technology Transformation is not guaranteed by the mere adoption of technology or purchasing of software. It requires a “transformative business model”, defined by thought leadership, culture of innovation, targeted execution, and ongoing effort. This endeavour, when embarked upon consciously and strategically, can redefine businesses, delivering enhanced customer experiences, creating new revenue channels, and unlocking performance benefits that were once unattainable.

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